Photo Credit: David Hoffman, Tropicasa Realty
Located at Calle Nicaragua 525, Altazor Condominio is a boutique condo facility and our little slice of paradise in Puerto Vallarta!

We are a small, tightly knit complex of 16 units over 7 floors in the cinco de diciembre area of Puerto Vallarta.  Our neighbourhood is full of many local Mexican markets, small tiendas, and restaurant's serving delicious examples of both local and international cuisine.
Puerto Vallarta!  Life under the rainbow!
Now this is worth waking up to!

Within walking distance to the Playa Camarones beach and to the Malecon. Altazor also features a wonderful rooftop lounge deck with a large, heated infinity pool from which you can enjoy incredible panoramic views of the beautiful Bay of Bandaras, the North side of Puerto Vallarta, and the Sierra Madres mountains...  we have it all.
Without a doubt, the heart and soul of Puerto Vallarta can be found in its downtown area, El Centro.

In fact, no visit to Puerto Vallarta would be complete without thoroughly exploring the broad diversity of cultural, gastronomic, historic and entertainment options available here. This is where the action is, a sensory and cultural feast never to be forgotten.

Eclectic and bohemian in feel with world-class offerings, its dining and art scenes are extraordinary, the nightlife abundant, no visit here is complete without a stroll and people-watching session on the popular oceanfront Malecon.
314d7f1117538fee9a8d1661361c6958.jpg  Dotted with fascinating monumental public art, one side is lined with intriguing shops, restaurants and bars, a gorgeous vista of the Bay of Banderas on the other. The local color here is so rich it is absorbed by osmosis.  Performances of all types take place here every evening, spectacular events frequent at the Los Arcos outdoor amphitheater across from the main plaza, and spectacular fireworks displays are common nightly events — all free of charge.

El Centro’s narrow cobblestone streets are great fun, especially those running east to west up the mountainside in the El Cerro and Gringo Gulch neighborhoods — the latter where Liz Taylor and Richard Burton lived.

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